Biography – English

Josef „Wawau“ Adler, born 1967 in Karlsruhe, Germany, started to play the guitar at the age of  nine and played his first concerts with 13.

Until 19 he devoted himself to jazz manouche or gypsy-swing in the tradition of Django Reinhardt – later he turned also to other jazz styles like mainstream, bebop, jazzrock and jazz-house.

1991 first CD “Wawau Adler – With Body and Soul” – including mainstream. jazzrock and gypsy-jazz – published by Bella Musica.

In the 90s concerts in Germany and Switzerland

1999 four years break after his mother passed away

2003 back in the world of jazz – first big concert with modern jazz at the Django Reinhardt Festival in Samois sur Seine, France – bringing many new contacts.

2005 back to jazz manouche

2006 the 2. CD “Wawau Adler – Back to the Roots” feat. Holzmanno Winterstein, Joel Locher and Marcel Loeffler – with Satin Doll Records. Concerts in Germany, Italy and France.

Jazz manouche brings international awareness for Wawau – he gets even the attentention of the American music scene.

2007 third CD “Back to the Roots Vol. 2

Concerts in Europe and an invitation to the “Django in June” festival in Northampton, USA – including a guitar workshop on gypsy-jazz.

Live radio broadcast in Albany, USA, together with the American guitarist Ted Gottsegen. This broadcast was transmitted to 16 US-states.

2008 more concerts in Europe and a Canada tour. Playing two days at the „UPSTAIRS“ in Montreal and concerts in Quebec City, Val David and St. Therese. At the same time recording a DVD “Jazz Manouche – In the Style of Wawau Adler” produced by Wayne Nakamura and Denis Chang (

2009 concerts in Germany, France, Austria and Denmark – including three gigs at the reknown Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival.

2010 two new CDs – “Songs for Guitar and Bass” , Wawau Adler & Joel Locher, and the CD “Here’s to Django“ – both with Minor Music.

2011 concerts in Germany, Belgium und France – including the ELBJAZZ festival in Hamburg, Germany, „Django á Liberchies“, in Belgium, and „Au Gres de Jazz“ in La Petite Pierre, France.


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